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How to Withdraw on the Web?


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  • Kathy Munkus Pierce (BODY SHOP)

    I wish someone could explain to me.. I have recurve a withdrawal email. I don't know exactly what it mean or to do with it. It who did it... I'm at a loss for words.. are you saying I can actuality make a profit from my simulation trading and can withdraw it.. I feel everything's I open my mouth I lose everything because someone is one step a head of me.. This isn't fair, isn't right. I have worked my ass of for 8 mnth to just watch it vanish with nobody to talk to. JUST LIKE WITH coin base. I believed I was depositing into my vault you had to have two emails to confirm.. Then ask if a sudden there were no more vaults and even my Kyoto in my accounts vanished.. Oh but it's all my fault for trading or doing something that doesn't come with instructions. I'm really frustrated.
    Portfolios that you can't buy sake or trade through. Simulations you can with draw from. Bakes that don't exist. Keogh that soars and diapoears..I'm ready to throw in the towel. Because I have yet to get anything to transfer in a send and recieve, b because there's 5 address your givin with our understand sufficient is what, so you lose everything. It's like v one BIG HUGE SCAM... MINORS YOU CAN'T WITHDRAW FROM UNTIL YOUR 92..AND GAMES YOU PLAY YOU CAN'T TAKE CREDIT FOR.. BUT IT STILL MANAGED TO VANISH.. NOBODY TO TALK TO WHILE THE RICH GET RICH OF OFF ASK THE NIECE COINERS.. AND YOU CAN'T TELL ANYONE BECAUSE EVERYONE WATCHED EVERY ONE'S BACK. 8 MRS OF MIKING DOWN THE DRAIN. OH BUT IT WASNT REAL ANYWAY.. UUGGHHHHH


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